Personalized Care
Active Health Management


What we are all about

Welcome to a medical practice that combines quality medicine with prevention-focused active health management to assist you attain optimal health. Our new practice is designed with personalized healthcare in mind. Our unique practice model enables us to empower our patients through knowledge and skill-building.

Listening to our patients is our priority!

As your health partner, Dr. Johnny Johnson works to identify and define his patients’ goals to develop a customized health plan tailored to individual preferences and limitations.

Together, we will spend the time needed to navigate a complex healthcare system and explore healthy lifestyle alternatives with a goal to reduce and, if possible, eliminate the need for prescription medications while never compromising one’s personal care. Our office is free from the rushed and impersonal environment typical of some of today’s medical care.

Discover the support and medical expertise needed to truly make a difference in your health.

  • We will develop and customize a comprehensive wellness exam and lifestyle assessment for you that determines what health goals you would like to set and monitor for the year to keep you on track with periodic reassessments in office or remotely.

  • Same day/next day appointments with extended visit times to answer all of your questions.

  • Access to a personalized weight loss program tailored to meet your lifestyle, limitations, and personal tastes.

  • Hormonal therapy and treatment discounts on labs and other community wellness services.

  • Pharmacogenomic testing to ensure your medications are the right ones for you.

  • Advanced testing to assess for risk factors for heart and lung disease.

If you are ever hospitalized, we will serve as a liaison with the hospital/specialist to help you understand your care and to answer your questions.